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1. Is this legal?

1) We are not legal experts. Regulations pertaining to firearms, private firearm manufacturing, and technical data differ across jurisdictions. This website and our publications should not be interpreted as legal counsel.

2) Engaging in testing of privately manufactured firearms carries inherent risks. We bear no liability for any accidents or mishaps that may occur.

3) Let’s set a positive example for the community. While future regulations may become more restrictive, let’s avoid providing lawmakers with easy justification for their policies.

2. Can you ship to X country?

We can only ship merch (shirts, patches, etc) to international addresses.
Non merch (complete guns and parts kits) can contain dept. of commerce EAR/former ITAR-regulated components. As such we can not ship those items outside of the United States, and by ordering, you certify that you WILL NOT export the item.

3. Can you print me X?

Yes! We are licensed as a 07 FFL/02 SOT to manufacture all of your common firearms accessories, NFA items, receivers, and products. We are not licensed FFL 10 manufacturers, and cannot produce DDs such as 40MM Launchers or Grenades. We are also unable to produce machine guns for civilian sale. All firearms or NFA items will be serialized and shipped to your FFL directly.